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C-section Rate

Sectional - February 28th, 2018
And four states had rates below 18.5 percent: South Dakota (17 percent),  Idaho (17 percent), New Mexico (17 percent), and Minnesota (18 percent). ( c-section rate good ideas #1)
Consumer Reports looked at c-section rates nationwide. Florida hospitals  had much higher rates than the federal targets. (good c-section rate  #2)As you can see in the table below, cesarean sections are being done at a  rate today that is greater than ever. ( c-section rate #3)In the last 10 years you can see that every year the rates have increased  and the overall rate since 1990 is much higher. Bummer right? ( c-section rate #4)The first set of bars, on the left shows total section rates (same as  what's reported on the first chart above). The second set of bars show  primary section . (exceptional c-section rate #5)+7

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