Spreadsheets - Los Angeles Times ( C-section Rate #11)

Photo 11 of 11Spreadsheets - Los Angeles Times ( C-section Rate #11)

Spreadsheets - Los Angeles Times ( C-section Rate #11)

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And Four States Had Rates Below 18.5 Percent: South Dakota (17 Percent),  Idaho (17 Percent), New Mexico (17 Percent), And Minnesota (18 Percent). ( C-section Rate Good Ideas #1)Consumer Reports Looked At C-section Rates Nationwide. Florida Hospitals  Had Much Higher Rates Than The Federal Targets. (good C-section Rate  #2)As You Can See In The Table Below, Cesarean Sections Are Being Done At A  Rate Today That Is Greater Than Ever. ( C-section Rate #3)In The Last 10 Years You Can See That Every Year The Rates Have Increased  And The Overall Rate Since 1990 Is Much Higher. Bummer Right? ( C-section Rate #4)The First Set Of Bars, On The Left Shows Total Section Rates (same As  What's Reported On The First Chart Above). The Second Set Of Bars Show  Primary Section . (exceptional C-section Rate #5)Marvelous C-section Rate  #6 Caesarean-section-ratesC-section Rate Gallery #7 A C-section Rate Of Up To 19 Percent Improves Maternal And Neonatal  Mortality RatesFigure 3: Sample NSTV Visualization ( C-section Rate #8)Delightful C-section Rate #9 While Hospitals Certainly Have Their Own Protocols For Fetal Monitoring,  These Do Not Necessarily Explain The Wide Range In C-section Rates That Can  Be Seen .C-section Rate  #10 C-Sections Much More Common In Some StatesSpreadsheets - Los Angeles Times ( C-section Rate #11)
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