Available Third Rack (ordinary Dishwasher With Three Racks #1)

Photo 1 of 6Available Third Rack (ordinary Dishwasher With Three Racks  #1)

Available Third Rack (ordinary Dishwasher With Three Racks #1)

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Available Third Rack (ordinary Dishwasher With Three Racks  #1)Bosch 800 Series SGV68U53UC - With A Capacity Of 15 Place Settings, A  3rd Rack . ( Dishwasher With Three Racks #2)Kitchenaid Dishwasher Third Cutlery Rack (lovely Dishwasher With Three Racks  #3)Asko D5644XLCS Dishwasher Exclusive Lower Rack Accomodates: - 10 3/4\ ( Dishwasher With Three Racks  #4)Dishwasher With Three Racks  #5 Asko Tall Tub DishwasherBosch Dishwasher Showing All Three Racks.jpg ( Dishwasher With Three Racks  #6)
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rack1  (rak),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a framework of bars, wires, or pegs on which articles are arranged or deposited: a clothes rack; a luggage rack.
  2. a fixture containing several tiered shelves, often affixed to a wall: a book rack; a spice rack.
  3. a spreading framework set on a wagon for carrying hay, straw, or the like, in large loads.
  4. [Pool.]
    • a wooden frame of triangular shape within which the balls are arranged before play.
    • the balls so arranged: He took aim at the rack.
  5. [Mach.]
    • a bar, with teeth on one of its sides, adapted to engage with the teeth of a pinion(rack and pinion) or the like, as for converting circular into rectilinear motion or vice versa.
    • a bar having a series of notches engaging with a pawl or the like.
  6. a former instrument of torture consisting of a framework on which a victim was tied, often spread-eagled, by the wrists and ankles, to be slowly stretched by spreading the parts of the framework.
  7. a cause or state of intense suffering of body or mind.
  8. torment;
  9. violent strain.
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racking•ly, adv. 

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