About us

Plaza de la Virgen

Welcome to our blog!
I am Sissi and he is called Niko and we are both French. I’m 25 years old and he is 28. We’ve been together for 6 years (March 9th 2007)and we got married on the

June 9th 2012. Here’s a summary of our story:

  • 2007-2008: During our first year together, I was living in Montpellier and he was living in Lyon.
  • Summer 2008:I moved to Lyon to finish my degree of FLE and we moved in together.
  • Summer 2009:I got accepted in the British University of Kingston to do my PGCE (teaching degree). We took all our stuff and we left for London.
  • November 2009: We bought a cat, born on September 14th 2009. She’s now 3 years old and we love her to bits!
  • April 2010: After a few months of unemployment, Niko found a job in a 3D rendering company.
  • June 2010: I got my degree and I found a job in a secondary school in central London.
  • June 2012: We got married in France!
  • Août 2012: After living in London for 3 years, we moved to Valencia, Spain and once again we took all our stuff and Bones as well!

It was never our intention to stay in England forever and initially we wanted to leave for Los Angeles, USA.

For several reasons, we were not able to go there and we did not want to go back to France.
In the end, we chose Spain (as I speak Spanish) and one thing we had been missing since living in London: an amazing weather! (okay and a cheaper cost of life too!)

We have started this blog to share our story with you, our new beginning in a new country, where we hope to settle for a long time.

  • July 2013: After almost a year in Valencia, we moved once again and this time near Barcelona, to be closer to our families! We promise, it’s the last time 🙂
  • February 2014: 7 mois only after moving to Sant Cugat del Vallès, finally we are in “Montserrat Parc” (in “El Bruc”, still in Barcelona’s area) in a house! We hope to stay here a few years at least 😉

Hopefully this little introduction will make you want to read our blog, enjoy!